What do you do at an event?

Typically at any event that we perform at we show up early and set up our sound system and test everything that we have. We always have back-up cables and are ready to for almost anything. Our speakers are always tested and proven to with stand any parties demand, 

We try to make sure that you are enjoying your event and the entertainment portion of your event is taken care of by us. We will typically ask you for the intro music early and the names of those that are coming in on the walkin beforehand and make sure that everyone is ready and set to go. 

Basically we do not want to be the worry in your wedding yet the fun part, you already have enough to worry about. 


Have you performed before?

We have a running production every week at a venue and all of our DJ's and hosts are always performing there to make sure that they are ready for any size room. We regularly have performances every week and make sure that who ever comes to be your host is someone that is trained and knows how to control a crowd. 


How do you interact with the crowd?

When coming to an event we know that many crowds don't always interact with the host and therefore we want to provide a unique experience for the crowd so that your wedding can be more memorable. We typically play games that involve the crowd to represent their side of the wedding party and certain questions that have to do with the wedding party itself. 


Any other questions?

Please feel free to inquire about any of our services and if you have any more questions visit our contact us page or packages page so that we can address your questions right away.